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RichDirt and RichScene are products from enRich Pro UG

Click the links below to start the Download: Installation is easy, in case you need more information after the download use this extra link

Windows 10

After download windows defender might not directly start the installer. You need to click "further information", and then "execute nevertheless". Precise text depends on your language settings (english, french, spanish, japanese)

Version 2.2

Version 2.2 supports V-Ray Next and Scanline.

V-Ray 3 and V-Ray Next need a different version of RichDirt. If you are still using V-Ray 3 it is necessary to use RichDirt 2.1 built for V-Ray 3. This also supports 3ds Max 2011. mental ray is supported until Max 2018.

Version 2.1 + V-Ray Next

Version 2.1 - V-Ray 3.x and mental ray

Version 2.1 - V-Ray 2.x and mental ray

Where do i find RichScene ?

RichScene is installed automatically with RichDirt2, so you do not require an extra download. After installation it is found in the standard materials in the material editor.

RichScene 2.2

RichScene 2.2 supports Render Elements (VRayExtraTex). For 2018, 2019 it is directly installed with RichDirt. Simply download RichDirt 2.1 (see above). For Max 2017 and 2016 with VRay Next it is also included directly (these installers are newer). For Max 2017, 2016 with VRay 3 and older manually install RichScene. 2 Steps: a) download RichDirt 2.1 (above) and install, b) download RichScene, replace manually in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 201X\Plugins\richscene.mse. The newer file is 179 KB. Download RichScene 2.2 for max 2017 and lower

RichDirt 2.0

RichDirt 1.1

Next are the outdated RichDirt1 downloads (RD1). Use them to render older projects that you dont want to upgrade to RichDirt2.

How to upgrade a scene from RichDirt1 to RichDirt2?. RichScene contains a converter script in its bonus rollup. To run it install both RichDirt1 and RichDirt2 on the same computer. Then run the converter. The use of the converter in RichScene is always free (=works even when you do not buy a license of RichScene). RichScene is installed with RichDirt2 (automatically). You find it in the material editor, in the standard materials.

V-Ray 1.5
RichDirt tutorials are done for Vray 2.0 and higher, for 1.5 you need to modify the exposure control. 1.5 is outdated. The link is for your security and autonomy (for example you could have computers that only have V-Ray 1.5 and you want to render new shots of an existing scene). If you have an urgent need to use 1.5 on a new project buy RichDirt2 Standard Edition. Then mail to to get information how to use the new license with the old version.

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