Company profile

Hello, I am Matthias Senz, the founder of enRich Pro.

I started in 1991 at mental images, a tiny startup at this time. I had been shareholder of mental images from 1994 to 2007. Back in the 1990s 32 Megabyte had been a lot of memory and to raytrace even a small image would take hours. Since then things have improved a lot, global illumination has been added to increase realism of images. Rendering got more precise and faster - in 2005 Maxwell introduced pathtracing with progressive refinement and in 2007 Bunkspeed made realtime raytracing reality.

Does this mean that ´rendering´ is done? Well, sort of - NVidia and Intel did not (yet) really succeed to make it available in both high quality and realtime, but this should come -soon-. Where in this picture is enRich Pro? Raytracing being ´done´, 3d Artists still have a lot of work to do, even if the rendering engine is infinitely fast and precise and easy to use. Artists spend a massive amount of time in materials and texturing to get a good look. This is where enRich Pro jumps in - providing tools that save time on one side, while making renderings richer on the other side. The first product is RichDirt. RichDirt creates natural effects that would have required hours of manual painting before.

After releasing RichDirt digital artists asked for a way to make it even easier to assign dirt to a full scene. Updating all materials used by a facade had been a lot of manual work. RichScene does this now in a fraction of a second. Even more - RichScene also supports mixing of 4 layers of dirt.

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