Sill Edges

Sill Edges add 2 strong streaks at the left and right side of a window sill. RichDirt can take the main wind direction to automatically add a stronger sill edge on one side (like east versus west side). Sill edges are switched on/off in the streak style rollup. The ´Sill Edge Details´ rollup groups parameters for detailed control.

Sill Edge Rollup


Width is the width of sill edges. This is always in centimeters. Good values are in the 5 to 10 cm range (2 to 4 inch). You can try fatter edges - like 50 cm - but these is typically less convincing.

Width 3 centimeter

Width 10 centimeter


Variation runs from 1 to 100. Variation varies length, width, irregularity of sill edges. At 1 percent sill edges are very regular -except for the wind influence which can be reduced in the wind direction control.

Variation 100 percent

Variation 50 percent

Variation 1 percent

Wind Direction

Wind direction is the main wind direction. RichDirt uses degrees, from 0 degree t0 360 degree. RichDirt2 assumes your model is oriented along the main 3dsmax axis (x). 0 degree is then wind from the north.

Wind Direction 90 degree (east)

Wind Direction 270 degree (west)

How to get less wind influence ? By default wind is fully active. To reduce it split the value into a direction and an intensity. The last 3 digits are reserved for the direction. The first 2 digits are for the intensity. Example: 10359 - 359 is 359 degrees, 10 is 0.1 intensity. Example2: 99010 - 010 is 10 degrees, 99 is 0.99 intensity.

Testing wind : When doing your first tests take into account that wind is strongest -along- the main wind direction. Influence is zero for the part that -faces- the wind.


Spread is in degree, like the main RichDirt spread. Good values are 5 to 10 degrees. The spread for sill edges is independent from the main spread, so you can combine ´sharp´ sill edges with blurred streaks.


Length of the sill edges. Note that this works perfectly for small spreads (1 degree). For wider spreads you often get a shorter resulting length.

Subtractive Sill

Sill edges can be subtractive as well (clean dirt). Switch the mode in the streak style rollup.

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